Chef Petrello Specialties

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Awards: Wine Spectator Award!

Formerly, a member of 
"Chain des Rotisseurs"   Maitre Grillardin -- South Lake Tahoe Chapter



"Restaurant Consultant"


Helping Your Business Grow

Ask for help, before the last hour!

From the front of the house to the back, in the restaurant business we all need help one time or another!

Menu planning to your wine list; sanitation to food cost.

What to look for in your servers------------- "A qualified sales staff that can "up sell" without gouging your customers"?!

 How to do this?

 How to increase your sales?

 How to cut food costs!

 How to buy and price your wine!

 How to sell by never asking a question! 

 How to teach your servers to tell a story rather than ask a question; it only takes a few seconds!!

 How to use your wine brokers to increase sales$.

 How to recognize a problem before it is to late!

 How most of our challenges are right in front of us!

 How to cut your payroll$?

 How not to be intimated by your Chef?!

 How to take control of your business!$$$$

 Your Call!


Remember, Ask for help before the last hour!

 Your best success may be just a call away


Frank G. Petrello